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About Lumberg Automation

Markets and Solutions

Lumberg Automation provides state-of-the-art connectivity solutions for design engineers and system integrators who play a major role in supporting manufacturers within the Transportation , Food and Beverage , and Machinery industries.

Transportation/Automotive   Food and Beverage
Machinery   Customized Applications

In recent years, the company has positioned itself to be the market leader in the design and manufacturing of connectivity products for food and beverage machinery applications where dairy, meat, and beverage products are processed. Specifically, these products were designed and manufactured to withstand the effects of harsh chemical cleaning agents, and high pressure cleaning.

Furthermore, the company is a market leader in providing customized connectivity solutions for a verity educational institutes who work to develop special applications, such as man-less robotic vehicles and underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV).

The company has built a strong brand within the automotive market specifically with design engineers who write the specifications for the equipment and machinery that is built to support powertrain and body and assembly applications.
DARPA - Manless Vehical
Underwater Remote Vehical

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